Manufacturing facilities of all types are in immediate need of superior monitoring techniques and surveillance systems.

What if I have an older analog system? There has never, ever been a better time to upgrade your analog system. Add inexpensive IP cameras to increase resolution only where needed. Let Ksenos USA upgrade your existing analog system to a world class IP surveillance system. Ksenos USA includes encoders with every server where needed ... for free. No charge, no cost, no new cable pulls. All of our encoders even allow you to utilize new HD analog cameras where needed to increase resolution over legacy cabling. The excuses are gone, the price is right, call us now.

Need to monitor equipment, environment, lighting? Simply put ... yes you can. With IP cameras and Ksenos USA software, you can finally put eyes on the details you need to watch to keep your company running smoothly. Unlimited alerts and I/O inserts. Yes you can.