Healthcare Facilities

Staff and Patient security 

I wish we had the greatest new reason in the world for you to look at upgrading your current surveillance system to Ksenos USA. All we could come up with was low cost licenses with no ongoing costs, options to use your own servers, the world's best pricing on huge storage and free encoders to utilize existing analog sytems and cabling. The technology is here, the price is finally where it should be. Oh, and we are not charging a premium just because it is ours. We consider the Asian manufacturers to be some of the greatest, most efficient camera manufacturers in the world. They are just not very good at intuitive software that is so easy to search many of our clients record on continuous mode. Crazy right? The truth sounds so strange anymore. 

We will design it from the ground up. We are here to help you get the most system for your money. The better job we do building the perfect system for you utilizing your existing equipment and marrying it with the greatest software to hit the market in a decade, the more our company grows. So many of the surveillance companies in the world today sell you a story about how big they are and how many accounts they've sold. We give you what you need at a price that works for you. And we will sell it directly to you and train you how to install it yourself. Or you can use your favorite integrator and we will teach them how to install and maintain it. We simply decided that you are the customer, and you are right..

Unify your entire medical campus and all sites into one easy to use platform.

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