Our education system is intended to be a safe haven for students to pursue their lifelong dreams.  Security surveillance is proven to reduce crime and increase safety in all instances.

Knowing where every student is and where every student should be is our primary mission. You cannot effectively protect your student body if you don't know who is on your campus and where they are spending their time. Criminals often stalk their targets several times prior to committing a crime. Empower your security team with the knowledge and eyes needed to identify patterns and notice "out of the ordinary" behavior with a properly designed and deployed campus-wide surveillance system. Your student body and their parents will thank you.

New technology at a new price point. Whether you are using card and/or fingerprint access to buildings for students and faculty, or adding new features to your existing analog camera network, Ksenos USA can design and deploy the perfect system for your facilities. Ask about our new license plate recognition software to ensure the cars on campus are supposed to be there.