Download version 2.12

Need an older version? Download it from here.

Version 2.16 Highlights

  • H.265 Support
  • Advanced object detection with VCA integration
  • Support for camera's own motion detection through ONVIF
  • Improved user interface
  • Buttons can be linked to cameras, and activated through the camera's radial menu
  • Activate rules with keyboard keys
  • Set cameras to peek mode via rules
  • Copy image to clipboard from the camera's radial menu
  • Counter widget
  • Time-lapse video clips

Reference guides and manuals

Below you will find guides, manuals and resources to succesfully implement 
and manage Ksenos video management software. 

View ION Interface User Manual

View Installer's Handbook (2MB)

View User's Guide (8MB)

View Client Quick Start Guide (300KB)

View Ksenos Specifications (100KB)

View Ksenos VMS Brochure (1.5MB)

View   Ksenos EULA (175KB)