City Surveillence

Integrate technology to keep

residents safe

Smart city? Not if you can't see it. You would not send your public safety officials into the dark without lights, why attempt to operate your city without the best, easist to search surveillance software on the market today?

Tie all of your systems together. Tired of listening to sales people tell you that you can see every camera, everywhere as long as you convice every department in your city to use the same servers and software? This is not 2005. This is 2015. Let us look at your current situation and show you how a little HTTP magic can allow Ksenos USA to view cameras on other surveillance systems. Oh yeah, they won't tell you that, but you always knew deep down it was true.

Analog is simply lower resolution IP. If you are utilizing Ksenos software and our free encoders. Did I say that, yes I did. Why are they free? Because they are so cheap to build that we found it offensive to charge for them. We hope you find it offensive to pay for them. One more thing, our licenses come with a one-time, $125 fee. No maintenance, no renewal, no upgrade charges. How do you think Bill Gates got rich? We are okay with a standard business profit made by telling the truth and delivering a better user experience. I know, what can we be thinking.

Run Ksenos in your city. Experience a unified, intuitive approach.

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