Amplifying awareness, preventing losses.

Ksenos is a video surveillance software developed in Finland with the user experience as the top priority.  The objective of Ksenos is to offer a suite of easy-to-use tools for viewing real-time video, managing cameras and searching incidents.
Ksenos is the direct result of years of collaboration with industry experts, security professionals and users just like you.  This cooperation has developed into the most intuitive and capable video management system in the surveillance industry today.


What is Ksenos?

A video surveillance software with the user experience as the top priority. Ksenos is scalable to all kinds of video surveillance needs and compatible with most cameras.

Ksenos offers you easy-to-use tools for managing, analyzing and utilizing video image data widely in order to prevent crimes and accidents, secure areas and supervise processes. By choosing Ksenos you can be more aware of your business processes and surroundings, which awards you with better fluency, efficiency and security.

Ksenos is chosen by many companies because of its compatibilty and ease of use.

  • Unlimited Customizable Views
  • On the Fly Video Wall
  • Multi User Access Groups
  • Smart Pixel Motion Search
  • Digital Map / Background Support
  • Single or Multiple Video Export
  • Events & Notifications Engine
  • Optional ANPR and LPR

Want to get interactive?  Schedule a live demo with a video expert. 

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Create an instant video wall or matrix

Built right into the Ksenos client you can create an instant video wall using all of your attached monitors. View and search video simultaneously on all of your displays.

Create an on the fly rotating video matrix for use as a PVM or security station display. The possibilities are endless and simple.

Flexible client server architecture

Ksenos is ready for all types of demanding requirements.  Ultimate flexibility allows Ksenos to scale up and fit any environment with multiple locations and network video recorders or work as a stand alone solution.  Ksenos is built on a versatile client-server platform that allows your desktop client or mobile application to connect to any NVR anywhere.

  • Industry leading server client solution that you can put anywhere. Build it with your existing equipment or start from the ground up with our award winning server builds. 
  • We took the best in breed from the existing solutions, mixed it together with what the customer was asking for and then removed all the layers of "account managers" that ran the price through the roof.

We started with the customer and ended up with this. Funny that there was enough wrong with the existing platforms to leave all this room for incredible improvement and significant price reduction ... like free encoders on all system purchases to bring your analog into the future.

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On the move? Take your cameras with you.

Ksenos mobile allows for viewing, searching and even controlling PTZs while on the go. Get our inovative responsive timeline in your hand and start enjoying peace of mind where ever you are.

Complimentary iOS and Android application – Download yours.

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Automatic number plate recognition

The Carmen suite of automatic license plate recognition software has been integrated into Ksenos. This ANPR integration can be paired with our powerful event engine to control entry points throughout your facility or campus.

To find out more about this optional feature please contact us.

Experience our software on-site at your location for free.

Request the license, download the software and be amazed!